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Hello, I'm

Chaoran Chen

Tech Enthusiast · Designer · Researcher


AI & UX Design

EmoG is a deep learning-based design system that supports generating emotional expressions in storyboards. As users draw a neutral face of an intended character, EmoG improves aesthetics in the hand-drawn face and generates new sketches of the character with expressions. 

Data visualization

I design MobikeViz to visually analyze temporal and spatiotemporal patterns of popular free floating bike sharing system (FFBSS) Mobike in Shanghai. Mining of over 32 million data points, I found strong cyclical variations on temporal patterns of usage and analyzed spatiotemporal patterns through data visualization encoded by a geohash index based on spatial data.


UX & Robot Design

Innomate is an interactive visualization system that facilitates creative meeting based on semantic analysis and knowledge graph. It aims to structure and visualize the intrinsic logic of the discussion and help team members to summarize it as well as find more inspirations.

UX & Service Design

Together is a mobile application that intuitively provides personal health information through sensors and augmented reality to achieve a smooth communication  for pregnant families.

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more design works

Besides UX design, I have also done some interesting projects such as designing a concrete canoe, some smart sensor kits, visual identity of an educational product and so on. Why not click read more to know more about me.


College of Design and Innovation,  Tongji University

No.281 Fuxin Road, Shanghai, P.R China

Email: | Tel: +86 15801750132

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